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Every Tuesday – two shows per evening
Close-up-club in Berlin
In the comfortable atmosphere of the SODA-Club André Kursch and Axel Hecklau present their one-of-a-kind show. Experience 70 minutes surprising bizarreness, intelligent jokes and magic of its best in a very intimate location for 50 guests. Can I trust my eyes? Why could he read my mind? Why do they get permission to enter a casino? Every evening is totally new, the program incalculable, the actors impulsive. But every time one is fascinated how times flies.
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First-Class Magic at the Kurfürstendamm Berlin
Salon der Wunder – Saloon of  Wonder
If you are looking for exclusive magic in Berlin you have to visit the “Salon der Wunder”. The magic of the „Salon der Wunder” is not only the sum of questions you are going to ask yourself all the time. Even more important is the way André Kursch and Axel Hecklau are presenting their sleight of hand. If you are looking for something special you will find it at the “Salon der Wunder”. Do not miss it – enjoy being astonished!
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Close Up Night - Dresden
The three professional magicians André Kursch, Torsten Pahl and Mathieu Anatrella present there extraordinary magic since 2004. More than once a month the room of the “Master-Brewers” is going to metamorphose into the magic theater of the “Close Up Night” in Dresden. In this distinctive atmosphere the three professional magicians, André Kursch, Torsten Pahl und Matthieu Anatrella present extraordinary magic as close as possible. The special venue and five totally different shows are a concept which is unique in Germany.
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